Wage and bonus round

Increase your employees’ motivation and their willingness to deliver top performance with a fair and performance-based compensation model. READY.COMPENSATION provides you with the perfect framework to put your compensation models into practice and reward employees according to their performance, make structural salary adjustments, pay variable bonuses or implement promotions. The Entago.Ready solutions are certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

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Recognising outstanding achievements

Do you want to attract and retain top talent to improve your company’s performance? It is not always easy to develop compensation programmes that motivate employees and align them with the most important business objectives.

With READY.COMPENSATION, you can distribute employee bonuses that motivate your workforce and boost your company’s performance. You ensure that your employees can focus on what is important by directly recognising and rewarding their outstanding performance and linking rewards to specific achievements so that you create meaningful incentives for employees to improve their performance.

Fair and just remuneration

Ensure that employees understand their compensation package by giving them access to their compensation details and providing compensation overviews that show the scope of their total compensation package so that employees feel valued and motivated to perform at their best. Ensure fair and equitable compensation that incentivises employee performance by giving managers easy ways to plan and adjust total compensation in line with company policies and provide instant access to powerful insights to encourage and promote better decisions.

Bonus forecasts and budget scenarios

Use the data from the entire ENTAGO.READY suite for more holistic planning and calibration of compensation decisions within and across departments and areas. In this way, you can ensure a consistent implementation of compensation strategies throughout your organisation

Improve the return on your total compensation investment by simulating different budget scenarios to determine the optimal compensation model for your evolving business needs.

Use intelligent recommendations to align compensation guidelines with budgets and perform bonus forecasting during the year to improve financial planning so you can align compensation plans with your financial and human resources objectives.

With our preconfigured solution for wage and bonus rounds READY.COMPENSATION, you can create strategic compensation programmes that motivate your employees and sustainably promote better business results.

Your added value at a glance

Receive proposals for increases based on performance and positioning in the wage band
Use internal and external wage bands to ensure a fair distribution of wages
Define different budget pots
Take advantage of bonus forecasts
Establish compliance-compliant guidelines for wage increases
Ensure certain populations or employees are approved with eligibility rules
Benefit from a pre-configured approval process and integrate different roles into the process
Receive pre-configured payroll and bonus letters
Establish lean and dynamic rewards, thank you and nomination programmes with Spot Awards

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