Succession and development planning

With READY.SUCCESSION, strategically plan the succession in your company by promoting your talents in the long term. The Entago.Ready solutions are certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

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Ensuring leadership continuity

Do you want to develop the ideal leaders and the appropriate roles to drive your future corporate strategy and business success? Cultivating a talent pipeline to create a sustainable competitive advantage is not always easy.

With READY.SUCCESSION, you can ensure continuity of leadership, reduce risks and build a workforce that improves your agility and accelerates company growth.

Enable HR managers to easily assess and improve performance across the organisation by conducting company-wide searches to discover hidden talent, immediately nominate internal and external succession candidates, and take action on recommended successors. Create talent pools to continuously develop high potentials, so you have the workforce you need today and in the future.

Personalised career planning

Empower employees to advance their own careers by supporting potential talent with personalised career planning that addresses skill gaps.

Benefit from job referrals so your employees can easily find positions that match their skills and interests.

The READY. SUCCESSION preconfigured solition provides you with faster development and growth through intelligent mentoring that automatically brings together mentors and protégés so your workforce can proactively explore career paths and improve skills for key positions.

Provide your employees with the ongoing career guidance they need by facilitating informal check-ins and supporting career development discussions. Easily document specific development goals and promote a win-win feedback culture.

Simple linking to other talent modules

In conjunction with other READY solutions such as READY .LEARNING, you can also link successor and development initiatives with other talent modules. Use the dynamic display of future talent to facilitate business decisions during talent review meetings and gain insight into the effectiveness and impact of your succession and development plans with embedded dashboards and reports.

With READY.SUCCESSION, ensure the continuity of succession and build a more efficient workforce. In conjunction with the entire ENTAGO.READY suite, you can revolutionise your employees’ experiences and achieve sustainably better business results.

Your added value at a glance

Create development plans and secure succession in your organisation
Identify successor candidates and create talent pools for your key positions and roles
Show your employees possible career paths and define development paths as well as measures to achieve this
Compare suitable candidates and identify high performers
Link competencies to development strategies
Define development goals that you can track via dashboards and reports

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