Candidate management

Find the best, most qualified talent. The pre-configured READY.RECRUITING solution provides you with optimal support in all phases of the recruiting process – from job advertisement to entry. Die Entago.Ready Lösungen sind von SAP zertifiziert als „Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution“.

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A modern and preconfigured management of candidates

Companies need to identify and hire the very best talent. But competition for talent can be both complicated and costly.

With the pre-configured READY .RECRUITING solution, you can simplify recruiting by providing your recruiters with the support they need to find the very best talent quickly and effectively.

It all starts with making candidates enthusiastic and putting them at the heart of your recruiting process by making it easier to search and apply for jobs from any device. Maintain relevant content, job listings, and continuous, personalised communication with your candidates. You can also considerably simplify how you make appointments for interviews and job offers to make them feel really spoken to and involved in the process.

Targeted approach to candidates

Give recruiters the tools they need to acquire and hire top talent – all in one place. Create job advertisements straight from the home screen or straight from your organigram. Make sure your job descriptions are free of unconscious prejudices and take advantage of smart salary recommendations.

Take care of external and internal candidates who have not applied for a specific position, using embedded candidate relationship management in the form of a candidate pipeline that gives you an overview of all candidates for your vacancies.

Use internal and external career pages

Increase applicant reach by publishing jobs on dozens of databases and use high- performance analytics to inform and support your HR department so that your recruiters can work more efficiently and spend time on what’s essential. Provide intuitive, convenient ways to view and evaluate candidates from anywhere, at any time, and enable approval of job postings and offers from any device for a seamless hiring process.

With READY.RECRUITING, you reinvent talent acquisition and secure the very best talent to build a first-class workforce. In conjunction with the entire ENTAGO.READY suite, you can change your employees’ experi- ences and achieve sustainably better business results.

Your added value at a glance

Establish modern, pre-configured candidate management
Keep track of incoming applications and manage them intuitively using candidate pipelines and dashboards
Use internal and external career pages
Schedule interviews with Outlook integration
Get access to pre-configured templates for candidate masks, job listings and email templates
Enable mobile recruiting from any device
Take advantage of Quick Apply and enable applications in the shortest time possible and with minimal effort

Get started and digitalise your HR processes quickly and easily.

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