SAP Human Capital Management

Digitalise your key HR processes with SAP ERP HCM and let your HR team focus on the important stuff.  SAP ERP HCM is a fully-integrated HR management system which supports your HR teams with both their administrative and their strategic work. Our system experts have years of experience integrating and operating SAP ERP HCM.


Swissdec ELM 5.0

ELM 5.0 or version 5.3 is the latest version of the Swissdec salary standard. The Swiss Wage Standard aims to standardise the declaration of wage reports and the transmission procedure. Monthly and/or annual salary declarations to tax offices, compensation funds and/or insurance companies can be made electronically directly from the SAP system using the standardised salary declaration procedure (ELM). New in ELM 5.0 are the domains cross-border commuter reporting and monthly reporting to the Federal Statistical Office.


HR Administrator

The SAP ERP HCM HR Administrator subcomponent allows you to seamlessly manage your employees’ data throughout their lifecycle at your company. Automation frees you from expensive, time-consuming routine tasks as soon as they join and until they leave. The system also guarantees compliance with data protection laws and permissions settings. The SAP ERP HCM HR Administrator subcomponent therefore forms the heart and the technical foundation of all of your other SAP ERP HCM modules.


Organizational Management

The SAP ERP HCM Organizational Management subcomponent allows you to manage your structure and processes. The subcomponent uses an inbuilt reporting structure which makes it possible to create an efficient workflow management. It integrates with other elements included in the standard module such as organisational units, positions and jobs to clearly reflect your company’s organisation.


Payroll Management

The SAP ERP HCM – Payroll Management subcomponent allows you to manage your payroll according to the necessary legal requirements. The subcomponent allows you to generate gross monthly salaries, calculate social security contributions and communicate with institutions and authorities, for efficiency and audit-ready HR management.


Time Management

The SAP ERP HCM – Time Management subcomponent allows you to integrate pricing, organisational and legal conditions into your HR system. You can see when your employees are working and when they are off sick or on holiday. This subcomponent helps you to plan, create and revise internal and external absence and attendance.


Travel Management

Is your travel process already fully digitalised, from authorisation request to expense sheet? Business travel is now key part of working life, whether your employees are meeting with clients, attending a training session or visiting another one of your company’s offices. Leisure and business travel is digitalising. You often book flights, trains, hotels or everything together for yourself in just a few clicks. SAP Travel Management facilitates the entire process from the authorisation request to planning the trip and preparing the expense report.


Talent Management

Talent Management allows you to manage staff right from their application, to their first day and beyond. Everything starts with an application on a suitable platform which ensures the right candidates find their way to you. To make sure they stay with your company, it is important that career and retirement planning, training and performance management are not only defined on paper, but are also transparent and easy to manage for each employee’s manager, colleagues and HR.

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