Target and performance agreement

Employee performance is closely linked to transparent goal-setting, feedback, and appreciation. Give your employees serious encouragement with READY.PERFORMANCE and achieve sustainable growth, with target agreements linked to constant feedback and constructive coaching, so that you can continuously track and control your employees’ performance. The Entago.Ready solutions are certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

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Continuous performance management

Traditional performance management often leaves employees feeling uninvolved and indifferent.

Do you want to combine your employees’ goals with those of your company? How can you empower and engage your employees so that they can make a bigger contribution to your business success?

With READY.PERFORMANCE, you can promote enthusiasm and keenness to perform by offering your employees constant performance management.

Set employee goals intuitively

You have the option of easily and intuitively setting employee targets, as well as linking them to team and company goals. Use the SMART assistant to define targets or select them from target libraries. You can also cascade targets and use monitoring to make sure targets and linked activities stay on the right track. This allows you to align your entire population with the right company goals at any time.

Employee involvement

Encourage your employees to continuously improve their performance by enabling informal check-ins, too – these give managers a better insight into the progress and achievement of targets. Enable easy feedback and coaching at all times so employees get the support they need, right when they need it. Engage employees with meaningful performance assessments by conducting formal assessments that guarantee fairness, accuracy and legal compliance.

Objective performance comparison

Draw on employee performance and feedback, plus visually compare your team’s performance based on competencies, so you can evaluate and reward their contributions effectively. Ensure that decisions are made objectively when identifying top performers by providing management staff with a balanced view of their team’s performance. Visual comparisons allow you to directly compare your employees’ performance, and have also been designed to make them free from unconscious bias. This allows you to simplify appraisal and salary decisions.

With our pre-configured READY .PERFORMANCE solution for target and performance agreements, you can map every performance approach based on your company’s unique culture.

In conjunction with the entire ENTAGO.READY suite, you can your employees’ experience and achieve sustainably better business results.

Your added value at a glance

Set targets and assess your employees' performance with a modern, pre-configured assessment process
Take advantage of competence and target libraries from our Best Practices packages, or simply define your own libraries and reduce your costs
Create 360-degree assessment and take advantage of scalable and flexible interview forms
Identify evaluation gaps from different perspectives in the various evaluations with deviation analyses, and minimise errors with a sophisticated word-selection scanner and integrated spell-checker
Use intelligent process automation to forward forms correctly
Create space for constant feedback with continuous performance management

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