HR-IT strategy

With the HR-IT strategy, we develop a roadmap for the digitisation of HR based on the current situation of your HR-IT. In doing so, we examine various options and potential improvements and make concrete recommendations for action.

How is the role of HR changing?

The importance and responsibility of HR is growing – driven by market changes such as digitalisation, demographic changes, employee expectations and the increasing scarcity of key resources. The focus in HR is increasingly on strategic issues, and administrative tasks are streamlined and auto- mated.

Why do I need a future-proof HR IT strategy?

The HR IT strategy is intended to define the road-map for the digitalisation of HR for the next 3–5 years. Key issues are dealt with in the process:

What is the procedure for creating an HR IT strategy?

Entago provides support in addressing the key issues in HR. In doing so, we rely on a tailor-made approach in order to weight the various influencing factors according to your requirements and to derive future action measures.

The procedure for creating the HR IT strategy is divided into 3 main steps :

1. Analysis of the current situation
2. Evaluation
3. Recommendations for action

What is the effort required to create an HR IT strategy?

Depending on the complexity, the lead time for creating or updating the HR IT strategy is approx. 1 to 3 months. The external support effort by Entago comprises approx. 5–30 person-days, depending on the complexity. A similar effort must be provided internally by the client.

Do you need assistance in any of these areas?

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