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HR documents in chaos? It’s easy to solve this problem centrally and at a fair price with READY.DOSSIER. Thanks to an individually-defined filing structure, READY.DOSSIER will help you keep track of your HR documents and find them quickly whenever you need them. The Entago.Ready solutions are certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

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Easily search and find HR documents

With READY.DOSSIER you can organise all your HR documents centrally and digitally. Tedious searches for documents in a dark and overflowing storage area are a thing of the past. Thanks to the individual document search, documents can be found quickly and easily – and even across files.

You define your own filing structure so that the documents are archived in a meaningful way. Individual folders or functions can be restricted to the relevant user groups by creating roles. This solves the problem of authorisation in a comprehensible way.

Employee and management self-services

The job profile of the ordinary HR employee has changed significantly in recent years. Human beings are our most important asset and they are becoming much more than just traditional service providers. Care for your employees increases the sense of well-being within the company and makes them want to stay with you in the long term. However, it also takes up resources in the form of time. To ensure that your HR team has this time available, it is possible to implement various ESS strategies.

A simple example of this is a certificate of employment. If employees wish to receive a certificate of employment, they will no longer have to report to HR. They will simply press a “Request certificate of employment” button and receive it on the screen within seconds or in an email.

READY.DOSSIER’s user-friendly interface enables both employees and managers (ESS/MSS) to access their own employee files or the files and data of other employees.

Data protection compliant retention

Destroying employee data and documents is more important than ever today. The new Federal Act on Data Protection (revDSG), passed in autumn 2020 and coming into force on 1 September 2023, presents companies with new challenges with regard to personal data. You can easily meet these challenges thanks to the integrated and fully automatic delete function. You only have to determine the time of deletion for each document type, and your READY.DOSSIER solution will take care of the rest.

In addition to the employee file, it also makes sense to use the READY.DOCS document management solution. This immediately stores the HR documents created in the right folder for the right employee – automatically and without any media discontinuity. Details on READY.DOCS can be found in our separate flyer.

Addes value at a glance

Digitisation of employees files

Your HR documents are digitised in a tamper-proof manner and stored uniformly in your own defined structure.

Searching for documents

Thanks to various search options, tedious searches are a thing of the past. Find your documents efficiently and at a central point.

Data protection - automatic deletion

Documents are automatically deleted in a legally compliant manner on the basis of the statutory retention period.

efficient self-service (ESS/MSS)

Employees and management can access documents independently. This reduces irritating waiting times and administration.


Thanks to the integration with SAP SuccessFactors, you can jump directly from SF to the employee file you require. Once you have created your documents, they are stored automatically.

Cloud based

Thanks to cloud technology, you have access to documents in employees' files anywhere and at any time.

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