Document management

With the modern HR document management system READY.DOCS, you’ll be ready for the future. READY.DOCS provides a user-friendly platform and is 100% integrated with SAP SuccessFactors. You can retrieve data from SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP On-Premise and additional modules in real time and use it in your individual documents and workflows. The Entago.Ready solutions are certified by SAP as a Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution.

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On the way to paperless HR

Create and send employee life cycle documents, letters or emails with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution. Modern, digital and individual process management accelerates all administrative steps, creates transparency and makes processes more efficient. Thanks to independent and user-friendly handling, you improve the employee experience with READY.DOCS

Simple tools help you to design documents quickly and independently or to adapt them on an ongoing basis. In addition to free layout design, reusable sections can be created and texts can be filtered according to logic (if-then, and-or operators).

Full integration with SAP SuccessFactors

This and the already integrated automatic translations considerably reduce the time required for document creation, taking into account legal and security aspects. Increase your HR service quality by letting Strato think for you.

Thanks to the complete integration with SuccessFactors, you can automatically trigger and initiate documents, emails and processes via events:

  • Birthday email
  • Anniversary letter
  • Employment contract generation
  • etc.

Digitally forward documents from job to job for review, approval or signature with a single click until they are finally archived in the employee file.

Employee and management self-services

Thanks to the already integrated “Strato Sign” solution, you can face the future with an HR that is as paperless as possible.

Integrate your employees into processes by enabling them to independently retrieve or request their documents (ESS). For example, an employer confirmation can be created by a single click of the employee and sent by email. Through automated processes such as these, employees receive their documents faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to the eDossier storage solution, both you and your employees can access your documents anytime and anywhere. Forget about annoying administrative tasks.

Automate and accelerate the entirety of your HR processes with READY.DOCS and improve your employee experience with an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for all your document creation needs. HR can focus more on the well-being of employees.

Your added value at a glance


100 percent integration into SuccessFactors and SAP HCM. Master data is always available in real time and events can be used as triggers for processes.

Digital processes

Existing manual processes can be automated and digitalised, ensuring transparency and the exchange of information.


Central and independent creation of documents. Thanks to conditions and options, almost limitless layout and design possibilities.

Efficiency through self services (ESS/MSS)

Employees and management can independently and transparently initiate and view frequent HR processes on demand, largely without HR support.

Digital Employee file

In the storage module, documents are archived digitally and in an audit-proof manner, giving both HR and employees access to their employee files.

Digital signatures

Thanks to the use of the digital signature, you lay the foundation for paperless HR.

Get started and digitalise your HR processes quickly and easily.

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