Our software engineering team stands for true Swiss engineering culture. Our experienced engineers support you in your software development projects using JAVA-based frontend and backend technology. We use agile development methods and are up to date with modern software development practices (e.g., test driven development, domain-driven design, DevOps, etc.) and the newest cloud architecture.

Software Development

  • Development of new and existing applications/support for individual software applications
    • Expertise in common backend technologies:
    • JAVA-based micro-services
  • Data modelling and storage with relational, graph-based databases
  • Expertise in common frontend technologies
  • Expertise in UI/UX design
  • Speeding up feedback loops by optimising existing applications for partial testability
  • Automation of reoccurring software development tasks (CI/CD)
  • Deployment and release management
  • Best version management practices

Agile Development Methods

  • Integrating and teaching agile software development methods

  • Integrating modern software development practices

  • Test-driven development

  • Domain-driven design

  • Development and operations (DevOps)

  • Expertise working with remote agile development teams

  • User-oriented requirements engineering

  • Leading workshops to identify user needs

  • Teaching DevOps practices to existing software development teams

  • Software architecture consulting

Cloud Architecture

  • Cloud transformation consulting and replacing on-premise software solutions
  • Expertise designing hybrid software architectures related to sensitive data
  • Expertise operating PaaS platforms
  • Extensive knowledge of Amazon Web Services
  • Creation of cloud architectures with infrastructure as code
  • Costing consulting for cloud solutions vs. on-premise solutions
  • Implementation of scalable, failsafe cloud systems

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