Keeping your digital transformation up to date is necessary to remain competitive in the future. This also means that networks of different business applications are growing increasingly complicated. Available, accessible process data is key to efficient processes. Our experienced system architects are here to advise and help you coordinate your IT systems and develop a middleware strategy.

SAP Cloud Plattform Integration

Integrate your cloud and on-premise applications seamlessly into your business processes, without noticeable system breaks. Connect your important company data to develop custom applications, which can be implemented in hybrid, on-premise and cloud environments. The SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite allows you to coordinate your processes and data for use in cloud and on-premise applications. Connect people, processes, data and devices everywhere. Make it possible for people with varied skills to access extensive, collaborative integrations, easy-to-use tools and preconfigured content.

Our services

  • Connecting processes end-to-end and using your company data for application-to-application and business-to-business integrations
  • Integrating different SAP and non-SAP applications independent of their physical location
  • Using pre-defined integration packages to quickly implement your integration project
  • Expanding on pre-configured integration packages based on your specific requirements

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